Publishing House GUDBERG NERGER
15 x 20 cm, 304 pages
language: German
EUR 24,90
ISBN: 978-3-943061-36-9
Published: April 2014
English extract
“…the best travel book in a long time.” (Kulturradio RBB, 10.04.2014)
“…the book shows a very different picture of Iran than what we know from the media.” (1LIVE Plan B, 14.04.2014)
“…an easy account of a journey in an exceptional country which is primarily about hospitality.” (Neue Westfälische, 14.05.2014)
“…a treasure among the travel diaries that entraps the desire to experience such adventures oneself.” (Stadtlichh #15, 06/2014)
“…an amazing book, because this way of travelling is not possible in Europe any more.”  (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 18.06.2014)
“After reading how many books can one say, that he is not sure any more what’s the other way around and what’s not, what’s backwards and what’s in front? By all means: an exceptional experience for a travel book.” (F.A.S., 22.06.2014)
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Have you ever stood on the “axis of evil”?
Taken a look around? And met people who live there?
This book invites you to do so!

A journey, 59 days in Iran. A woman with her backpack, cross-country. Unexpected experiences, impressions, discoveries – and above all encounters: Capital city dwellers and Kurdish villagers, mullahs and anarchistic students, police officers and artists, illegal boyfriends and countless Ali Schumachers. People, who tell “we are terrorists”-jokes – and spontaneously invite foreigners to stay with their families. People who seek an exchange with the world – even though they often disappear behind their country’s image. People who are proud of their homeland – and want to leave it at the same time.

“If my people lived in another country, they would rock!” – that’s how a 16-year-old Iranian pictures the situation. Just one of several encounters: Helena Henneken has written a love-rock-song about the people she met in Iran. A colourful insight into the world behind the scarf. And a book that’s written “back to front” – the Persian way around.